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CHEENON is a slight mutation/evolution of the band GRIMFISH, a jam/rock band from the 90's, who played frequently around the Richmond area, as well as many frat parties and college bars in Virginia.

Brian Surratt(drums) and Davy Reed(bass) had been jamming together for years, and when Brian met guitarists Rich Bronson and Bryant (Bruno)Haynie at VCU music school, they immediately began playing and writing music together.

The band's first public performance was the Thomas Dale High school talent show, where Davy was the only member still attending the school. Davy and Brian also played a largely unrehearsed set with Steve Organ and his band, Creative Captors of Oranges at the show. Afterwards the members of GRIMFISH asked Steve to come sit in on a practice, and Steve was inducted into the band immediately.

GRIMFISH went as far as they could with this lineup, playing many shows, and writing a great deal of original music, before the forces of life began to separate the band and scatter the members across different states.

There have been several incarnations of the band with different combinations of the original members, as they would return to the Chester/Richmond area, and each of these incarnations produced new original music.

The full original band began semi-steady practicing as GRIMFISH around 2004, and Steve, who worked at a bar called Chuggers, booked a gig for the band. Rich could not make the show, and had too much on his life's plate to commit to a band in general at the time, so guitarist Sonny Haynes was invited to fill the lead guitar spot.

Being that it was not the original lineup of GRIMFISH, Steve wrote on the chalkbaoard, "Performing Tonight: CHEENON, " a combination of the words Chester and Enon.
The name stuck, and this lineup continued for several years.

Eventually Sonny left the band, and saxophonist Doug Rock joined the band.

The 5 piece lineup of Steve, Bruno, Davy, Brian and Doug continued on for a few more years, until Doug left to go do his life stuff, and then there were 4.

In 2015, Steve moved to Winchester VA, and this seemed like it would surely be the end for the band.
Bruno, Davy and Brian took a several month hiatus before realizing they missed the jamming and hanging out one night a week, and really had nothing better to do with that weekly time slot.
So, the wash of sound they had been previously was now a stripped down, bare bones power trio.
The guys wanted to play music, so they did, and since the song list had been cut down somewhat with Steve's departure, they decided that their time would be well spent resurrecting songs from the past that were never properly preserved, and recording live rhythm tracks, to which Steve and Rich could add parts later.

The discovery process of unearthing these lost gems has been fruitful, uncovering some forgotten recordings such as the Liquid Turkey sessions and others, largely forgotten by even those who recorded them.

As of summer 2016, Rich Bronson has been back with the band, thereby completing the full circle of time and space, and now the band is the exact formation as it was at the very beginning of GRIMFISH, with Rich, Bruno, Davy and Brian.
The band name is still, and will continue to be, CHEENON.

The quartet are working out the old classics as well as material spanning all the way through the years, and will be recording everything they can, beginning with the songs that were never recorded in any decent fashion, in order to save them from the dustbin of history!

Stay tuned for updates...



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